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MAS Co., Ltd. is devoting ourselves for the technology required to provide the best products.

CEO Message

We are actively embracing the needs of our customers and committed to securing constant technology in our product business.
CEO Message

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Owing to the rapid development of medical technology and the diverse health service market, the world of healthcare is rapidly changing. In addition, the environment of medical device industry is facing an era of infinite competition not only domestically but internationally.

At these times, each individual or organization must be capable of coping with rapid changes in the intellectual society. All of this is possible when you have the ability to build and share a high knowledge infrastructure that is up-to-date, informative and value-added in a vast ocean of information.

Since our establishment, MAS Co., Ltd. has been actively embracing the needs of our customers at these times and is committed to biodegradable polymer-based product business with unrelenting technology.

By never being satisfied with the technology we have accumulated, we will continue to build up ourselves as a higher-level of the advanced solution provider. We aim to constantly change with the customers' needs in a challenging manner, to build an innovative company to achieve customer satisfaction and trust and to professional company that provides the world’s best solution and products in biodegradable polymer-based products worldwide.

Jongkuk KIM, CEO of MAS Co., Ltd. CEO Sign