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MAS Co., Ltd.'s vision to go forward with together to realize Human Medical Technology for humankind.


MAS Logo

MAS Co., Ltd.’s Vision to go forward with together
The MAS Co., Ltd. corporate logo applies simple wordmark and point that emphasizes balance. The letter “A” portraying two people holding hands together features MAS Co., Ltd.’s vision for realizing human medical technology for humakind.
Clear Space
The setting of the space surrounding the primary is the minimum margin of setting criterion to maintain optimal conditions for other visual elements, such as typography, images, and picture.
  • Margin Regulation
    MAS Logo Margin Regulation
  • Minimum Size Regulation
    MAS Logo Minimum Size Regulation
It can be used when the company name is required to be exposed either in Korean or English. However, the width should not be less than 17mm considering the readability of primary.
  • Korean CI
    Korean CI
  • English CI
    English CI
Color System
The blue logo of MAS Co., Ltd. symbolizes human-technological delicacy and professional technical ability.
Main Color
  • MAS Blue
    PANTONE2755 C
  • MAS Gray
    PANTONECool Gray 1 or Black 10%
Sub Color
  • MAS Soft Blue
    PANTONE279 C
  • MAS Soft light Blue
    PANTONE2707 C
  • MAS Soft Gray
    PANTONE Black 60%
  • MAS Soft light Gray
    PANTONEBlack 20%
Metalic Color
  • MAS Gold
    PANTONE874 C
  • MAS Silver
    PANTONE877 C